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Bar*Food: Whiskey Lovers, Rejoice!

So Valentine’s Day is coming up. If your lover likes drinking, this would probably be a great place to go. Hell, if you’re single, you could probably Bukowski it up with their 24 handcrafted specialty beers and um…200 whiskey selections they have in stock.


I shot this cool gastropub called Bar*Food in west LA for a feature running on Gilt City.  Their wall of decorative taps was particularly memorable and I always love shooting food/drinks. It’s times like these that I wish my body could properly process alcohol without throwing a hissy fit.



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The World Until Yesterday: Jared Diamond Lecture

As you probably know, I have awful sleeping patterns. The ability to function with little sleep came in handy while pulling crazy all nighters at UCLA. But alas, there were many classes that I simply snoozed through the next day.

That said, one exception was Jared Diamond’s Anthro M158Q – Past Societies and Their Lessons for Our Own Future. I had to write an essay to be considered for entry in the invite only class taught by the Pulitzer Prize winning professor. Needless to say, that class changed me.

Diamond is hosting a free lecture tomorrow night on his upcoming book The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn From Traditional Societies, a look at human societies in the past and present and what their differences may mean for our collective future.

7pm @ Royce Hall, UCLA.  Free with RSVP at or 424-214-3851

Bloggity Blog

o hai!

it’s 3:22pm and i’m sitting at a coffeeshop on my lunch break thinking “my gawd, if i don’t just write a first post, this is never going to happen.” one of the regular baristas just asked me what was wrong with my face. i don’t know man, i’m concentrating plus it’s really hard to take a photo at a coffeeshop without looking like you’re taking a photo. fuuu i forgot my sound was on. lots of stuff happening this year.

Photo on 1-16-13 at 2.47 PM

i’ve been wanting a space to post daily photos, music, events, stories, and neat things. this blog will be a hybrid of professional and personal excerpts. i reserve all right to talk like a lolcat or write a research paper. i had a tumblr for a while where i posted links to published concert photos but something about tumblr’s re-posts rubbed me the wrong way. i have a website but that’s more of a portfolio space.

posts to expect:

  • event postings of gallery openings, concerts, comedy shows, etc.
  • reviews and brief thoughts on music, live shows, photography, digital media
  • photo diaries and excerpts from shoots
  • life as a producer at a digital media agency
  • rants about how much i hate grocery shopping
  • rants about how much i love burritos
  • posts about giant LED ice slides and records made out of ice
  • excerpts of daily life including the many awful puns that come from my name, daily injuries (i fell down my stairs and actually broke the stairs, i walked into a parked truck, i fell backwards onto a stage, etc), awful pickup lines, oh you know…the good stuff.

so here i am. oh, and many more extraordinary blog titles like the one above to follow.